Your Next Customized Ring

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a jeweler. Not the type that sits in the store and helps customer find rings but the type that actually designs the rings. Here is the ring I created on
Blender has sped up the process to create 3D designs for jewelry and then have it printed in good materials. It’s such an exhilarating feeling being able to conceptualize an idea like a ring or pendant. There are so many ways you can make it personal and have just the right angle or curve. I am discovering the many ways to add to the ring whether they be gemstones or simple design elements.
This project in designing our first ring was time intensive and a steep learning curve. With a bit of perseverance and caffeine we have created a product which you are able to help complete. At the same time it was a lot of fun and enjoyable seeing our idea become real. I’m ordering a ring right away and I will soon have pictures of it and have it available on our shapeways store. Feel free to join me in improving or customizing future pieces!
More designs from our team can be found at:

Mahieu Studios Designs

Begin Ideas in 3D Print

I’ve always been interested in 3-D modeling. Recently, I have dived into a 3-D rendering program called Blender. This simple open source program allows me to create 3-D models and allows me to visualize my concepts. As you probably know 3-D printing has become popular. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to take some of my 3-D models and actually have them 3-D printed. A while back, I heard about a business called sSapeways. I decided to hop online and check into it.
I thought to myself, “How hard can it be to create a 3-D model, upload it, and have it 3-D printed”? In the videos I saw it seemed like a pretty simple process. Little did I know that there’s a few steps that go into having something printed like this. Full of confidence, I took one of my 3-D models and uploaded it to It was pretty awesome to see my idea shown on the website rendered in their program. To my surprise my 3-D model did not pass some of their tests.
It was back to the drawing board and I had to figure out why my 3-D model was not being recognized by Shapeways as a good model. A feeling of great frustration came over me as I had spent hours in Blender coming up with a 3-D model. The fact that the videos I had seen and how other people have explained how simple it is, I begin to feel frustrated and wondered if I would ever be good at modeling for 3-D printing. Right away, instead of continuing to sit there, and go in circles with the problem, I got up right away and focused on something else. After running a few errands and taking a short run, I felt much better about tackling the problem. During this time I was able to think about more thoroughly the problem and how I had created my 3-D object.
Fortunately, the blender community is strong and I was able to look up the issues I was having and learn the solution to my problems. I also did some reading on similar topics for Blender to find out how to correctly model and use proper techniques so that my structures were good when it came to three printing. When I sat down at my Mac, I opened up my project and began working. I knew what the problem was now and I was able to work on the project in a way that fixed the errors that were coming up on Shapeways website. At first, my 3-D models were not watertight. There are also faces and edges that we’re not calculated right and the normals needed to be recalculated. Another issue I was having was in my 3-D model I was attempting to use a Boolean modifier and it appeared to be creating a escape hole for my 3-D model when actually it was not. After realizing this, I went back and instead of using a Boolean modifier, I simply replicated the function manually for the escape hole which resulted in a much cleaner structure for my 3-D model.
The sense of accomplishment felt like all the work I had put in was going to burst out of me once I was able to successfully upload the 3-D model. It felt like all the time I had spent creating the 3-D object and all the time I had taken to research was worth it. The thought that I am able to think of an idea for an object in my head and be able to create it in 3-D and have it printed is incredible. Here are just a couple concepts and ideas I have come up with which I have created in Blender recently. Your imagination for what is possible could also be created! So grab the closets piece of paper and begin sketching out your unique creations! I’d love to see what you come up with! Feel free to share on Facebook or other cool apps!
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